EHRs and its ability to exchange health information electronically can help you provide higher quality and safer care for patient. With the old method of physical file folders, you could simply have health records scattered across various doctor’s offices. EHR tries to digitize your health records so that they’re comprehensible by all of your health care providers. EHRs help providers better manage care for patients and provide better health care.
Transitioning to a new EHR system is more than simply swapping hardware or adding computers to exam rooms; it changes the way you do healthcare. But despite the importance of a thoughtfully designed implementation process being acknowledged, end-user training is often under-emphasized. From small, single-provider practices, to large organizations; end-user training for EHR systems is essential to support efficiency, best practices and most importantly, patient safety. It also has the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce even prevent medical errors, improving patient outcomes.

What are the benefits?

Lesser Paperwork:

Clinicians and staff can spend a large portion of the workday filling out and processing forms. Because they are paperless, HER’s streamline a number of tasks. As the amount of paperwork decreases, the required storage space also declines.

Quality of Care:

Accurate, up-to-date and thorough information naturally leads to a higher quality of care, from better diagnoses to reduced errors. Patient safety is also improved as electronic.

Increased efficiency and productivity: Streamlined access to a patient’s complete records means no more filling out the same paperwork at each doctor’s or specialist’s office. Every provider can see which diagnostic tests a patient has had along with which treatments worked and which didn’t. Patients are less susceptible to duplicative procedures/testing, because we have everything under one roof.
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