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Digital Door to access all healthcare requirements for a provider, including HIMS, the marketplace, patient relationship management coupled with digital marketing services, and e-commerce support for hospitals. Our Front Office modules help hospitals to reduce the effort of appointment booking. Our lab module gives smart test configuration and a perfect bill management system.  Our pharmacy module is more user friendly and well advanced for pharmacists with easy billing transactions. Our Doctor modules are highly advanced with a time management system. 

Front Office Module

Hospitals must adhere to complex operational and security standards. On hospital premises, accommodations are made for thousands of patients and their guests each day. Our front office administration helps support personnel as we organize and manage patient visit schedules using the queue management system.

Pharmacy Module

The pharmaceutical industry is high-risk since it deals with medicines that can save lives. The health of persons who take medicines could be seriously harmed by errors in the sale of those medications. Our pharmacy management software enables the exchange of medicine expiration notifications, batch tracking, and drug billing blockage.

Doctor Module

Doctors write numerous case summaries every day and are concerned about their security. Our doctor module may quickly resolve this problem by providing doctors with advanced prescribing notes that are user-friendly with the supply of six specialities. Doctors may save time and have a hassle-free experience by using our module.

Laboratory Module

Our medical lab software helps medical offices, clinics, and labs manage operations, inventories, tools, equipment, and patient information. Appointment scheduling on the website, branch management, receiving lab results by SMS and email, and inventory management all have authentication.

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