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How to handle Depression?

Mental Health Matters!

What is Mental Illness?

The world we throw around easily nowadays “Depression” .Ever wondered why someone you

know, a friend or a relative looks tired or dull or seems sad for a long time, or has lost interest in

everything, do not eat properly or is frequently absent from work. It is a set of disorder with the

symptoms that affects person’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, relationships and in very severe

cases, it may also lead to thoughts of Suicide and Death. It is insidious and creeping and it

slowly takes over a person’s life to the point where they forget how it all began.


Depression is when everything feels too hard and its initially a reaction. A reaction to stress and a

seeming inability to change the situation. A reaction to a life that you never imagined to be yours.

It is also a lack of energy to take anymore the life has for you. It is a deep anger, a deep sadness

and a deep regret. And this doesn’t stop with mental health but also leads to some Physical

Health issues.


What are the Symptoms?

It is actually normal to feel upset or sad over some circumstances or events, but if this feeling

persists for a long time and disrupts your normal health and life, then it could be a sign of clinical

depression and should be treated on a right way.

  • Difficulty in controlling your thoughts and excessive negative thinking.
  • Finding reasons to avoid things that leads to depression or anxiety
  • Having difficulty in controlling or handling thoughts.
  • Restlessness or irritable feeling.
  • Insomnia in extreme cases.
  • Having shortness of breath or panic attack.
  • Thoughts about self-harm
  • Feeling hopeless about the future.
  • Feeling unworthy.
  • Loss of Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence.

Reach out to us:

“Depression is not a sign of weakness or mental instability” it is also an illness like Diabetes or

Heart problems and it is treatable. It can affect anyone at any juncture in their lifetime. So don’t

panic about the situation. Firstly there should an acceptance that depression is a part of your life

for now. Speak up if you’re worried. You need to get help from somewhere be it a professional, a

doctor, or the person who is always there trying to urge you out of this. You could find a new

strategy here to manage your depressive disorder, anxiety and all the issues concerning your

mental health, download our app eMedHub Telemedicine mobile app and get the best online

consultations from our leading Psychiatrist.


“The road to wellbeing is a process that is supported by hope, inner-strength and

perseverance, and the involvement and support of others ”

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