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Book appointments with your favorite Doctors. Complete connected health care solutions.

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Mobile App

eMedHub makes the life easy for the Doctor's by managing their schedules effectively, automating the front & back office system.

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Automated Front Office System

eMedHub have simplified and efficient tool to automate the front end process to give an enriched patient experience.

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eMedhub seamlessly integrates both in-person and virtual visits within the same powerful application.

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App for Doctor's

Doctor notes & e-prescription is also made simpler. Modernize your patient experience.


eMedhub seamlessly integrates both in-person and virtual visits within the same powerful application.

Patient Care Utility

eMedHub is a patient centric application enabling the patient to have entire access to his/her records and connect with practioners from anywhere, anytime.


We help you with easy management of the drugs in stock, less in stock, customer wise sales History, profit reports, discrepancy reports profit reports,...

Why eMedHub?

Provide seamless access to, and have specific patient care information available to all providers anywhere and anytime, securely and instantly.

Ease of Use

Get access to your health records online using a friendly and secured technology anywhere and anytime.


eMedHub aims to improve the practice of caring for patients remotely. Using modern technology and abiding by the rules of Telemedicine & HIPAA compliance we help Doctor's to consult patients by using our mobile and web application. eMedHub tele medicine is completely encrypted and secure the patient data & information.

Expertised secure technology

We help secure your medical records on cloud using AWS to access instantly. Confidentiality and security of protected health information is assured.

Patient Engagement

We provide technology that empower patient to take an active role in their own health care. Doctor and patients stay connected with automated messaging systems, appointment reminders, medicine reminders and much more.

Population Health

We assist in predicting risks that helps health care providers deliver a better standard of medicine. using diagnosis code supplemented by clinical information to continue define and refine your population. Establish benchmarks by managing robust registry, monitor and report on key indicators for complications.


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