Frequently Asked Questions

Its not needed, we would highly recommend you only provide referrals for Healthcare professionals whom you know, and the referrals must be from separate private healthcare practices to qualify for individual rewards.

You can email to know your status.

There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can submit. So you can keep submitting new referrals.

If your referral is already a customer, you’ll not be eligible for the referral program.

Any Healthcare practice employee in India who is an eMedHub customer can submit a referral. It can be submitted through the form provided here(website).

eMedHub EHR is a Cloud based SAAS Product that requires no hardware or software implementation. It can be directly accessed from the comfort of your locality using a laptop, desktop or TAB.

All excel files can be automatically migrated to the EHR using a predefined format. In case of Handwritten records, manual entry process will be applicable for the same.

Yes, all your records are secured and we are HIPAA Compliant. A NDA will be given at the time of onboarding and accepting the proposal.

It helps to avoid manmade errors & discrepancies in terms of staff integrity & other factors. Also Integrated Billing helps to maintain accurate & precise data without having the worry for lost / misplaced data.

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