Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can customize based on client requirements subjective to technical feasibility & analysis.

Yes, eMedhub provides a 14 days on site training to all staffs

Since its a sensitive data, we can retrieve only based on doctors consent.

We have all security protocols and data security agreement will be signed upon on-boarding of the client. Emedhub team will not have any access to this data. We also provide role based access control to prevent unauthorized access to both patient information & system control.

Emedhub is a cloud based/ SAAS Product and therefore it is online.

No, a basic desktop/TAB/Laptop and a stable internet connection is all that is required.

Level 1 escalation- 24-48 hours Level 2 escalation- 48-72 hours

Basic Doctors module Front office module LAB Module Pharmacy Module

Yes, we provide Business Intelligence Reports which helps the healthcare providers to automate their routine care, schedule follow ups and standardized patient history questionnaires.


On average, implementation is completed within 15-20 working days. However, the amount of time it takes can vary based on the needs of the customers and how quickly they want to get started.

Our team will assist you with migrating your patient data into Emedhub EHR. All you need is to have your patient data in a transferable format I.e; Excel, CSV or PDF and we will take care of the rest.

No we are transparent about all our fees. Emedhub EHR comes fully loaded with the features you will need to run your practise and includes free support. Any additional fees may be related to implementation, training.

Emedhub EHR offer an integrated solution. This automates and simplifies billing process for your practice.

We provide customized mobile app for tele-consultation where doctors can prescribe their prescriptions.

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