It is best to catch rainwater directly in a container without falling on any object.

Maybe when your roof is clean and it is raining, it is better to catch it and drink it unless there is no chemical reaction with the roof.

Do not save the rainwater water for the first five or ten minutes of when the rain started because the debris in the sky will mix.

If you tie a white cotton cloth to the balcony with a rope on all four sides and place a stone in the middle of it, the white cloth will get water in the middle and you will have to hold it in a pot.

Just placing the utensil will get only less water but then as bigger the white cloth, quantity of the water will also be higher.

The rainwater collected in this process can be stored in glass bottles for up to six years without exposure to sunlight. Do not use it after rain worm infestation.

Drinking 100ml of rain water daily will cure all diseases in the body especially those related to kidney and uterus.

Do not drink rain water throughout the day. Drink only plain water. Rainwater to be used only as medicine. A person can drink 100ml to 1 liter per day. Drinking so will act as a medicine for women to cure diseases related to the uterus and also diseases related to the kidneys for all. Rainwater acts as a remedy for all ages for all ailments.

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