App for Doctors

  • Have the entire patient database
  • Easy recording of vitals
  • Customized and complete doctor notes
  • Easy e-prescriptions
  • Auto generated doctor visit report
  • Disease management
  • Business intelligence reports

Front Office System

  • Simplified front office process via facial recognition
  • Efficient invoice organization and impressive reports
  • Queue management
  • Well Organized appointment maintenance
  • Automated SMS services to patients

Patient Care Utility

  • Find doctors availability online
  • Book appointments on mobile app
  • Receive e-prescriptions and doctor visit reports online
  • Health tips
  • Secured Patient centric app
  • Save time
  • Reminders for appointments, vaccinations and medicines

App for Pharmacy

  • Smart MIS reports
  • Easy inventory management
  • Drug database
  • Discrepancy management
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