App for Doctors

  • Have the entire patient database
  • Easy recording of vitals
  • Customized and complete doctor notes
  • Easy e-prescriptions
  • Auto generated doctor visit report
  • Disease management
  • Business intelligence reports

Front Office System

  • Simplified front office process via facial recognition
  • Efficient invoice organization and impressive reports
  • Queue management
  • Well Organized appointment maintenance
  • Automated SMS services to patients

Patient Care Utility

  • Find doctors availability online
  • Book appointments on mobile app
  • Receive e-prescriptions and doctor visit reports online
  • Health tips
  • Secured Patient centric app
  • Save time
  • Reminders for appointments, vaccinations and medicines

App for Pharmacy

  • Smart MIS reports
  • Easy inventory management
  • Drug database
  • Discrepancy management

Why eMedHub?

eMedHub has an ability to access health information electronically and help you in providing higher quality and safer care for your patients. And we are also keen in managing accurate, up-to-date and complete information about patients at the point of care.


Ease of Use

Get access to your health records online using a friendly and secured technology anywhere and anytime.

Expertised secure technology

We help secure your medical records on cloud using AWS to access instantly. Confidentiality and security of protected health information is assured.

Patient Engagement

We provide technology that empower patient to take an active role in their own health care. Doctor and patients stay connected with automated messaging systems, appointment reminders, medicine reminders and much more.

Population Health

We assist in predicting risks that helps health care providers deliver a better standard of medicine. using diagnosis code supplemented by clinical information to continue define and refine your population. Establish benchmarks by managing robust registry, monitor and report on key indicators for complications.

Our Clients

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